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Making Use Of Social Marketing As A Way To Get More Site Traffic


Blog traffic is the thing that each blogger will say is their number 1 problem. You will find loads of programs on the web that claim to be able to get you more blog visitors but most of them provide nothing. You can find great techniques for getting more visitors to your blog and in the following paragraphs we are going to be looking at social bookmarking as a way to get this traffic you need.

One thing you should know about social bookmarking is that the social sites themselves will be able to boost your visitors almost instantly. The 2nd thing that is good is you are building backlinks for your site each time you bookmark one of these posts on the social bookmarking sites. As many of you are already aware the more backlinks you have the more traffic you’ll get from the search engines. The best part is while you keep developing these links the search engines will have a tendency to rank your site higher inside their results.

The right way to do this is to subscribe to as many high page rank social bookmarking websites as you can. When it pertains to signing up for these websites you may want to start with websites such as Tumblr, Diggo and even facebook. Of course there are hundreds of social bookmarking sites that are available on the Internet. I would suggest registering to about 40 or 50 of the leading social bookmarking websites. If you need to know were you’ll find a list of these types of social bookmarking sites you can merely use a search engine. Although this will be extremely time consuming to subscribe to all the websites, it will be worth it in the end.

Now all you need to do is take the brand new posts you make and add them to all the social bookmarking sites, this is the article url not your homepage. Once more this can be time intensive taking up to TWO hours to log in and post your bookmark to all the websites. But also you will start to see an almost immediate increase in site visitors coming from the social bookmarking sites.

You really don’t have to subscribe to all these sites yourself as you can hire people to sign you up to about 40 social sites and they normally will only charge you $5. Don’t forget about making your posts each day. You may already be aware however you can find programs online that can distribute your posts for you. Ping. fm and only wire will be the 2 programs that can take care of your posts. These programs will use your current login information from the social bookmarking websites you joined up with and automatically bookmark all of your brand new blog posts.

In a nutshell, social bookmarking can really provide your site visitors the boost that it needs to take your earnings to a higher level. The search engines will start to like your blog when you start building 40 to 50  backlinks  everyday on the  social bookmarking websites.

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May 5, 2012

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